Escort Service Cologne – my experience!

I was on the way to business in Cologne. It was a hard day and I felt tired as my partners stopped the work for the day. I went to my Hotel and wanted to eat something because I was very hungry. As I sat there at the table in this nice Restaurant, I started to feel lonely. From a friend I have heard that there is an Escort Service in Cologne with beautiful Ladies. My partner told me that he has had a good time with a woman he booked at the Escort Service Cologne. During our chat he gave me also the telephone number of the Escort Service. After a good meal I went to my room and called the Escort Service.

My first experience with the lovely Escort Lady

The Employee explained how the process works when someone wants to book a Lady. It sounded good and so we both agreed. I decided to book a pretty woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. She looked so good and her body was in a really good shape, and she was available this evening. Our meeting point was the Lobby of the Hotel. At 8 PM she walked through the door and left me breathless for a moment. She was attractive so much, and she also seemed to be sympathetic. She moved to me in a way that was very sensual and erotic. I congratulated myself for this excellent choice. She smiled at me and told me her name is Carla. Carla was wearing a hot dress in red, and she was looking really attractive. We started a little chat and decided to go to the Hotel Bar. She was not only beautiful, she also was intelligent. Carla was well-educated, and I was thankful for her company in Cologne. During the evening we drank a few cocktails and felt more and more relaxed. I must admit that I was very excited before she arrived. Carla told me about her favourite hobbies and left me speechless again and again. After a time, I got braver. I asked her if she wanted to accompany me to my room. Her answer was yes. Right after her answer we went to the lift and got up to my room.

Carla and I came closer

I opened the door of my room and let her enter. Carla looked around, went to the armchair and sat down. She offered a pair of well-formed legs. I went to her and stroke her face soft with me hand. She looked at me and asked me to take a seat next to her. I obeyed silently. Then she took my face in her hands and kissed me. Her lips felt so good. They were warm and soft, and she smelled like flowers in spring. From this moment on I got braver and braver. I took her hand and led her to my bed. We laid down and could not stop to kiss each other. My hands started to run over her body, and she moaned comfortably. She also started to explore my body with her hands. All her touches were gently and sensitive. Then I started to take off her shoes. She let me do this silently. After that, I began to take off her dress. What I saw then, it left me speechless again. Carla had a well shaped body. She was so beautiful. After a little glance at me, she took my shirt off and kissed me again. I could feel her skin next to mine now. What happened to me then, was the best experience I have ever had. Carla wanted to make me happy, and she reached it in a very erotic way. We spent the whole night making love, and she taught me new ways how to make it. After a long time, we ordered a little snack because we became a bit hungry. Also, we ordered a bottle of champaign. We ate and drank side by side in the bed. As we finished our meal, Carla wanted to make more love. And we did it again till dawn. At 6 AM we had to say goodbye.

My opinion about the Escort Service in Cologne

After this hot night with Carla, I only can recommend the Escort Service Cologne to every man who spends some days in this city and don t wants to be lonely. The Employees are friendly and courteous, and the Ladies are simply enchanting. If you want to know more about the Ladies, you can have a look at the website of the Escort Service Cologne. There you can check all the profiles and decide which Lady is your favourite. After your decision you can book her for sure and make an appointment. You can also arrange place and time of your date. As I have told you before, I have enjoyed my time with Carla, the beautiful Escort Lady in Cologne so much. I have spent a really good time with an attractive and well-educated woman. You also have the opportunity to spend a good time with a lovely Lady.

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