Escort Dusseldorf – a paradise for businessmen

At a Dusseldorf meeting, more than 100 businessmen from international IT companies met. Already four days of the meeting were over. Heads smoldered and budgets tightened. All businessmen had explicit guidelines from their CEO or CFO. Bordering on insanity, most of the men were longing for a delightful and appealing conversation with a lady. This time should ensure that the men were able relax and were again more receptive to business.

For this reason, after less than a week, the organizer of the meeting organized different women through Vogue Escorts from Dusseldorf. They should take care of the wellbeing of the men and keep them in good mood. It was agreed that the men pay themselves and the cost of the ladies could be reclaimed by expense report.

Many of the men had a great desire for the escort ladies, but no such amounts in cash with them. After all, the women were the high class of the ladies from Escort Dusseldorf and not cheap prostitutes who offer half-hearted sex for a few Euros. The ladies who attended this congress usually cost between 1500 and 2000 Euros per night. No cheap venture, but the organizer was sure to engage the Escort Dusseldorf was worth the money.

There was a spot of trouble in the subject of pay because the fewest men were carrying so much money in their pockets. They offered payment via credit card. Always in the hope that the home sitting wife does not see the billing. At the same time, it did not matter to the men, so it seemed. The Escort Dusseldorf ladies, however, didn’t have a card reader and didn’t want to serve the men for this reason. In this business it is said: only cash is the real thing. Many men were accordingly not particularly pleased.

For this reason the organizer came to the congress hotel the same evening and paid the escort ladies in cash. This was not as it was agreed, but it was more important for the organizer to keep the men in a good mood, in order that successful contracts could be made. If the men were not in good mood, the organizer feared great losses.

Another problem was in the numbers of ladies. It seemed as if there were not enough women for all gentlemen who wanted to be served. Most women refused to serve two or more men a night. They relied on a loss of their performance.

The organizer took care to get more Escort Dusseldorf ladies engaged. This, however, was not possible for him in a rush, wherefore many of the gentlemen were angry and annoyed. Some women arranged themselves with the split time and served only a few hours each different gentleman. After all, the organizer had promised them a cash bonus in return.

He also fallowed this promise immediately. Most ladies earned a good sum this night. Those who refused and rejected such work, most of them went home empty-handed.

However, what was the most important to the organizer; the businessmen concluded diligent contracts and concluded both business and private relations. In spite of the initial faux pas, the organizer and also all the companies represented summarized a successful congress week with all sorts of extras. Of course the officials of the company knew nothing about this. A gentleman is silent and enjoys.

The organizer was sure that most of the men would already be looking forward to the next congress organized by them.



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