The Underpants Ms ANTONELLA 48yo

Underpants Ms. Antonella 48 year old. One day I got up around 6:00 am to go to work because I’m a painter construction worker per hour at the time was working with a friend of mine named Luigi construction also a painter like me, we had an apartment internal paint and in that beautiful warm summer morning in the middle of the month of July we went to a modest but nice chalet full peripheral center of the city, came to the area to 7:00 we knocked on the intercom to enter the house with their all our equipment in order to start so ‘opera work, then we opened and we were greeted by a young lady is beautiful high blonde with long curly hair and was wearing a nice pajamas fuchsia color of summer ones that backlit you could see everything I see her already began to crave the tremendous desire, she smiled at me is seeing me gave me his good morning his name is “Antonella” a woman really very attractive and sexy horny at the right point, so we went inside his house and while unloaded the latest tools from the van Luigi my employer started so as to set up the floors and furniture covering them with the boxes and with the sheets of cellophane to ensure ‘that nothing get dirty, and so he asked me’ to go to set up the bathroom to be able to work in, it was so ‘that I went into the bathroom with 3 or 4 cards and a couple of sheets of cellophane to start coverage, when I entered I then I closed the door because the bathroom is very tight otherwise could not cover anything it was so ‘that I started to cover, while I was busy working in coverage at one point I saw next to the washing machine a basket full of dirty clothes to wash ..ahi me! at that moment I had an irresistible and irrepressible desire for pussy that was so big that I could not control myself is trembling with desire, the fuck I was hard so hard that he was ready to cum at any moment and I then open ‘I saw the basket is its beautiful and gorgeous pink cotton panties and a couple of his were white with nice ricamini style crochet which by the way were still dirty is wet sweat of her cunt and I ….

slut cow !!!! …. I have not seen more than I was so ‘horny that when I saw them immediately taken in hand and began to smell strofinandomele in the face, their smell was so’ strong and intoxicating that I pulled out immediately the cock and began immediately to segarmi great, had seven minutes of real pleasure for me to hear the smell of cunt that beautiful great lady of ANTONELLA, at some point here is that I arrived at last at the height of excitement chronic continuing to smell I squirted load much of that cream cum that just thinking about it I still runny cock is the trouble is not to leave any trace I soiled my underpants while riponevo cock inside fortunately no one had noticed but believe me guys! … the fuck I was looking hard and dripping all day and when I came out of the bathroom after my cock with panties ANTONELLA that beautiful great lady for a few minutes I was very nervous so agitated that Louis asked me what it was successful and if I felt good and I told him that everything is okay and that nothing happened and until then ‘I thought it spun smoothly, ANTONELLA around 8:30 we brought the coffee I was on the stairs of the apartment to give a hand to Louis my employer to them ‘I started to calm down a bit but when I appeared on the stairs of the house I began to tremble a little fear of being caught but very dall’arrapamento, she so’ sweet kind I poured coffee into the cup and poured while looking at me is smiling at me and I did nothing but tremble but this time with excitement and I was so ‘dazed that I could hardly thank him not only for coffee but for its magical beautiful beautiful panties that made me cum so much so ‘sublime to delight me.


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