I don’t know why I came to school today since it was the last day
before summer vacation. I guess it was just to say good bye to
some of my friends that I won’t see until next school year.
There was nothing scheduled in class but to clean our desks out
and say our farewells. Most of the kids in my 6th grade class I
considered to be friends. Even some of the boys were okay and
didn’t tease me too much.

Being 11 to me was horrible. I’m not
a k** anymore but I’m not a teenager either.

I asked my teacher if I could use the bathroom. She nodded her
head telling me to hurry back. I left the room heading down the
hallway to the girls bathroom at the end. I pushed the door
open, took the first stall and locked the stall door. I had just
lowered my shorts and panties when I heard the bathroom door

I looked out the crack of the door seeing two girls that I
knew were in 8th grade. They walked over to the mirror and fixed
their hair.

“I can’t wait until tonight. I’m going to rub myself until I
pass out. ” I heard one girl say.

“Me too, I get so wet down there that its like I peed. ” The
other one answered laughing.

“My pussy is itching right now.

I wish I could rub it and make
myself cum right here. I want to feel good so bad. ” The first
girls said.

“Me too but we better get back. Why don’t you sleep over tonight
and we can do it together. ” The other one said.

They were making plans as they left the bathroom. I finished
peeing, wiped myself then returned to my classroom. I sat at my
desk wondering what they were talking about.

I’ve touched myself
down there but it never felt good to me. And I wondered what she
meant when she said she wanted to make herself cum.

The rest of the day passed quickly and I had forgotten the
conversation I overheard in the bathroom. The last bell rang and
we all ran for the door.

“Thank God school is out. ” My best friend Becky said.

“No kidding, no more homework.

” I added with a laugh.

“Are you going to miss me when I’m at my grandma’s. ” Becky asked.

“Yep, what am I going to do for a whole month. ”

“Probably find a new best friend. ” She said looking at me.

“No way, never. ” I assured her. “When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning. ”

“I’m going to miss you. ” I told her honestly.

We walked to her house chatting constantly. I gave her a big hug
telling her that she should call me the second she gets home from
her grandma’s. Becky promised then waved as she headed for her
front door.

I walked the two blocks to my house thinking of what I was going
to do while she was gone. The memory of that bathroom
conversation crept back into my head.

I wondered if I could
learn to make myself feel good. I decided to try tonight when
I’m in bed.

“Hi Ella, how was you last day?” Mom said as I walked in the back

“It was okay. I’m going to miss Becky while she’s gone. ”

“I’m sure you’ll find something to do. She is only going for a
few weeks. ”

A month mom, a whole month.

” I corrected her.

“Well maybe this will help. ” mom said as she placed a plate of
homemade cookies on the table.

I sat down munching on the cookies. She poured a glass of milk
for me to wash them down with. I sat slowly chewing thinking
about rubbing myself. I was anxious to see if it felt as good
as they made it out to sound.

“What are you so deep in thought about.

” Mom asked as she sat
down at the table.

“Oh, I’m sorry, nothing really. ” I said blushing a little.

“Come on Ella, you know you can talk to me. ”

“Yeah I know mom. ”

“So, what’s on your mind. ” She persisted.

Mom was cool. I could always ask her anything and she would
answer me honestly and never say I was asking dumb questions.

I told her a secret, I knew she would never tell another person.
I wondered if mom has ever rubbed herself. I stared out thinking
of all this when mom asked me again.

“Come on sweetie, something is on your mind. Let me see if I can
help you with it. ”

“It’s kind of embarrassing mom. ”

“That’s what mother’s are for Ella, to help them when they have

“I overheard something when I was in the bathroom today. ”

“And you don’t know if you should tell someone or not. ” Mom asked
trying to guess.

“No, not anything like that. ”

“Just tell me and let me see if I can help you sort things out. ”

“Well, they were. . uhm, they were talking about. . uhm sex
stuff. ” I said quietly blushing brightly.

“Oh is that all. I thought it was something serious. ” Mom

“One of the girls said she wanted to cum. What does that mean

“Well, I guess its time for our sex talk. Let me get a cup of
coffee and I will answer any questions you have. ”

Mom got up pouring a cup of coffee for herself. She put a few
more cookies on the plate then sat back down.

She smiled at me
and asked me to repeat my question.

“What does it mean to cum. ”

“That is a slang word for having an orgasm. You now what an
orgasm is?”

“Isn’t that when a person has sex and feels good. ”

“Yes, basically that’s it. ”

“They said that their pussy itched and they couldn’t wait to get
home and rub it. ”

“That’s called masturbation.

A person rubs themselves until they
have an orgasm. ”

“How old do you have to be to do that?” I asked blushing once

“It all depends. Each person is different. ”

“Have you ever done it mom?” I wanted to know.

“Heavens yes. I still do it once in a while. ”

I looked at my mom in shock. She sat there smiling like it was
no big deal.

I asked her how old she was when she did it the
first time. She thought a few seconds then told me that she was
around 10 or so.

“You’ve never done it Ella?” Mom asked.

“Uh-uh, I was going to try tonight but I don’t even know what to
do. ” I told her as I felt my eyes begin to water up.

“Ella, don’t fret about that.

I’ll tell you what. Your dad is
bowling tonight so it will be just us girls. How would you like
me to teach you how to do it. ”

“Huh, really, you’d show me how to rub myself?”

“Sure, why not. You have questions and want to learn. I have
the answers and will show you step by step.

“Will I have an orgasm. ”

“That’s my goal honey, to make you have a great big one.

” She
said as she stood up.

She said that she needed to get dinner ready so dad could leave
my 6:30. She winked at me telling me that we would be having fun
tonight. I gave her a nervous smile back then headed for my room
to put my school stuff away. My head was spinning with
excitement at what mom just told me. Tonight I was going to find
out what it felt like to have an orgasm.

I thought I felt myself
getting wet a little bit. I put my stuff away, changed out of my
school uniform then went back to the kitchen to help mom.

“What can I do to help?” I asked when I walked back in.

“You can set the table for me. ”

I went to the cupboard taking out the plates and glasses. I
arranged them on the table then got the silverware.

As I was
putting them on the table, I thanked mom for answering my
questions before.

“Look Ella, I’ll always answer you truthfully when I can. But I
have to tell you that what we do tonight has to be kept to
ourselves. You can never tell anyone, not even Becky. Do I have
your promise?”

“Of course mom. I know we could get into a lot of trouble. I
won’t say a word to anyone.

You aren’t going to tell dad are

“No, not unless you want me too. ”

“I don’t think I want that mom. ”

“Then it will be just our little secret. ” Mom said as she kissed
the top of my head.

“There are my two favorite girls. ” Dad said as he came in the

“Hi daddy. ” I said as I jumped into his arms.

He held me up spinning me around. I giggled then kissed his
cheek. He put me down just before he gave mom a big kiss right
on the lips.

“Tom , you stop that right now. ” She giggled as he patted her
butt. “Go wash up, dinner is all done and ready to eat. ”

As we ate, we listened to dad talking about the bowling league he
bowls on.

He was all excited about the chance to go to the state
tournament if they win tonight. He winked at mom telling her
that if he won tonight, they would celebrate when he got home. I
asked if I could celebrate too and they both blushed but didn’t
answer. I looked at them wondering what was going on.

“I think you’ll be asleep by the time I get home Ella. We can
celebrate tomorrow night.

” He said as he winked again at mom.

He finished his coffee then told us that he had better get
changed. Mom and I cleaned the kitchen. We were just about done
when dad came back in. He had his bowling shirt on and carrying
his bowling bag. He bent down kissing the top of my head then
kissing mom. He told us to wish him luck.

“Good Luck.

” Mom and I said in unison.

He said he should be back about 11 and then he was gone. Mom
locked the back door behind him. She looked at me asking if I
was sure I wanted her to teach me about sex tonight. I couldn’t
answer so I just nodded my head. I was so excited that I
couldn’t find my voice.

“Go take a nice shower and wash yourself all over real good.

” Mom
instructed. I’ll take a shower in my room. When you’re done,
come into my bedroom. ”

I grabbed a towel and washcloth from the hallway linen closet. I
saw mom go into her room. I closed the bathroom door and began
to undress. I looked at myself in the mirror as I removed my
t-shirt. I turned sideways to see if my boobs got bigger since
the last time I looked.

They looked like small plums. At least
I had something. My dark hair just touching my shoulders hung
straight. I pulled my shorts and panties down. I stepped out of
them putting them in the laundry basket. I stood looking in the
mirror again. My pussy was bald yet. I wished I had some hair
on it. I remembered that mom was going to be waiting so I
quickly got in to the shower.

I washed myself twice to be sure I
was nice and clean. I stepped out of the shower drying myself
off with a fluffy towel. I used a hair dryer to blow my hair
dry. I wrapped the towel around my body and slowly walked to
mom’s bedroom. My heart was beating like a drum. I was so
nervous but so excited at the same time. I looked in mom and
dad’s room and saw that the big king sized bed had the sheets
turned down.

I heard mom in the bathroom doing whatever she was
doing. I moved over to the huge bed and sat on the edge. I
waited for mom to finish.

I didn’t have to wait long. Mom came out of the bathroom wrapped
in a towel just like I was. She sat on the bed next to me asking
me again if I was sure this is what I wanted.

“Yes mom, I want to learn what it feels like.

” I answered.

“Okay then, I guess the first thing to do is to is find out how
much you know. ”

I looked down wondering if this was a mistake. Talking about sex
with mom is really going to be embarrassing. She wanted to know
just what I knew. When I asked her what she meant she asked me
if I know what all the parts were called.

“I know girl has a vagina and a boy has a penis.

“Okay, that’s good. What are some of the other names they are
called. ”

“Uhm, a vagina is called a pussy and a penis a dick. ”

“That’s some of them. Vaginas can be called pussy, twat, cunt,
snatch among a few and a penis can be called a dick, cock, rod,
meat, pole, and many more. But you get the idea. ”

I nodded my head. She asked me what I would like to call a

I told her that I liked the word pussy. When she asked
about my choice for penis I told her dick. She nodded her head
telling me that she liked cunt and cock. I repeated the words
and kind of liked the way they sounded too.

“Take off that towel sweetie and I’ll tell you the other parts of
your body. ” She spoke softly to me. “Don’t be embarrassed

She stroked my hair as she spoke. I was blushing so bad my face
felt like it was on fire. She assured me that there was nothing
to be embarrassed about. I just couldn’t get my hands to move
toward the towel. Mom lifted her hands and slowly pulled the
towel off of my p*****n body.

“Oh Ella, you are beautiful. ”

“No I’m not. I don’t have hardly any boobs and no hair down
there yet.

“Honey, boobs and hair don’t make a person beautiful. You need
to look at the entire package. Trust me, your gorgeous. ”

“Thanks mom. ” I whispered in shyness.

Mom walked over to her dressing table and picked up a big hand
mirror. She handed it to me and told me to hold it so I could
see what she was pointing at. She moved her hand down to my
small chest.

“Okay, see the nipple here. ” She said pointing to the tip of my
little tit.

I nodded my head. She asked me if I could see the darker colored
circle under the nipple. She explained that was called the
areola. She said that the nipples can give you a lot of good
feelings when someone plays with them.

“Would you like me to show you. ” Mom asked.

My mouth was so dry so I just nodded my head.
I bent my head down watching mom as she moved a finger around my
nipple. I felt like a electric shock when she touched me.

“See how it puckers up when I touch it. ” mom asked.

“Yeah, why does it do that. ”

“I think its just reacting to the stimulus. ”

She moved to the other nipple and made that one pucker up too.

was beginning to like the feeling of her fingers. She moved back
and forth just using her one finger to circle and tease my nipple

“How does it feel Ella?

“Nice mom, it makes me feel funny in my pussy. ”

She chuckled lightly telling me that I would be getting a lot
more of those feelings soon. She took my nipple between her
fingers and pinched it. I let out a gasp of surprise but also of

Mom pinched and pulled my hard little nipple and I
couldn’t help but moan out a little. She moved to the other
nipple and pulled on that one too. She would twist it gently as
she pulled.

“OOHHHHH mom, that feels so good. I never knew it could feel
like this. ”

“It will get better, I promise. ” Mom said. “Okay, that’s enough
for a while. Move on the bed and sit back against the headboard.

Hold the mirror so you can see your pussy. I’m going to show
you the different parts.

I scooted up to the head of the bed. I sat with my back up
against the headboard and my legs sticking straight out. Mom sat
on the bed so she was close to my pussy. She gently used her
hands to spread my legs apart. I felt the cool air hitting my
hairless pussy.

She told me to use the mirror. I moved it down
so I could see the slit of my pussy. Mom asked if I was ready.
I told her I was as ready as I would ever be. She smiled and
moved her hands to my p*****n pussy.

“Okay, see this here. It makes your pussy seem like a little
hill with a slit in the middle. That’s called Labia Majora.

purpose is to kind of protect your pussy. Not see the thing that
looks almost like lips. That’s called the Labia Minora. They
protect the pussy too. Now on the top of your slit, see that
fold of skin. That’s the clitoral hood. Underneath is your
clitoris. ”

She used her fingers to lift up the small flap of skin. I could
see what looked like a stiff little knob poking out.

explained that this was the one part of my pussy that gives the
most pleasure. She moved her finger away letting the flap fall
over my clit.

She pointed to the small opening of my pussy telling me that
there is usually a piece of skin across it called the hymen. She
said I didn’t have one because I broke it after falling on my
bike about a year ago. She asked me if I remembered when I bled
a little between my legs.

I nodded my head remembering the pain
I felt when I fell on top of my bike. She told me that it was
good that it was gone because it would cause no discomfort when
its time to have sex. She continued with the lecture of my

“Now this area here between your pussy and your butt hole is
called the Perineum. It can feel kind of nice to have it

She moved her finger on it making me shiver. Her finger moved
into my butt crack moving up until she touched my poop hole.

“This is your anus or butt hole. ” She giggled as I jumped when
she touched it.

“EEEWWWWW, isn’t that dirty. ” I said scrunching up my nose.

“Didn’t you wash it in the shower?”

“Well yeah but still. ”

“We’ll talk about that some other time.

” Mom told me.

“Can you show me how to make myself feel good now. ” I asked

“Okay, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’ll show you how to
do it the first time then you can try it by yourself. ”

Mom told me to put the mirror down and watch what she does. I
place it on the nightstand then moved my gaze down to mom’s hand.

She told me to start out by rubbing my clit. She moved a finger
to my clit and began to rub it gently but firmly. I immediately
began to feel something in my pussy. I smiled at mom as her
finger worked my clit. She said that once I felt myself getting
a little wet I should move my finger down and run it through my
slit to get it wet. She did just that and I couldn’t help but
moan softly as she moved her finger along my pussy slit.

explained that once my finger was wet it would feel better on my
clit. She proved the point by sliding her finger up to my clit
and rubbing it.

“AAAAAAAWWWWWW, that feels good mom. ”

“Oh it gets better Ella, just wait. ”

Mom used her finger on my clit for a few minutes then ran it down
my slit. She teased my tight hole with the tip of her finger
then moved back to my clit.

My body began to tremble and I felt
something I have never ever felt before.

“If you want to get real fancy, you can take your other hand and
play with your nipples. ” Mom told me as she moved her free hand
to my small chest.

She pulled and twisted my nipple while rubbing my clit. It was
like a huge firecracker went off in my brain. I saw every color
imaginable as my back arched off the bed and a bleed curdling
scream escaped from my lips.

I thought I was going to explode.
I clamped my legs together, trapping mom’s hand between them.
She kept rubbing my clit and playing with my nipples until I
begged her to stop. She let go of the nipple and slowly pulled
her hand from between my legs.

“I guess you liked it. ” She said smiling broadly.

“Wow, I never imagined it would feel that good. ”

“Oh believe me sweetie, it will get better.

I’ll show you later
but first you need to try doing it yourself. ”

I moved my hand down to my pussy and noticed how wet it was. I
asked mom it that was normal. She smiled telling me that it was
perfectly normal. I ran my finger along the slit then up to my
clit. I started to rub myself like mom did. The feelings
returned almost immediately. My legs opened wider all by

Mom told me to play with my nipples. I moved a hand
to my chest and pulled gently on one of them. Almost immediately
I cried out again and had another massive cum. I swear this was
even bigger than the last one. I pulled my hand away from my
chest and my pussy.

“I love doing that. It feels so good. ” I panted as I slowly

I was covered in a sheen of sweat.

Mom suggested I take another
shower then come back and she would show me something else. I
got up off the bed on shaky legs. It took a few seconds to
steady myself. I could hear mom giggling behind me. I grabbed
my towel off the floor and walked to the bathroom. I took a nice
hot shower washing the sweat and pussy juice from my body. I
sighed happily thinking how good I felt earlier.

I stepped out
of the shower after washing up and grabbed the towel. After
drying myself off again, I walked naked into mom’s bedroom.

I climbed back on the bed laying next to mom. I asked her what
she was going to show me. She laughed asking me if I was that
anxious. I laughed with her telling her that I loved what we
were doing and wanted to learn more. She told me to roll onto my
back with my head on the pillow.

I did as I was told. She told
me to close my eyes and relax. I closed my eyes and felt the bed
moving as she moved around.

“Have you ever kissed a boy yet. ” She whispered into my ear.

“No way mom, yuck. ”

“You need to learn because one day you’ll want to kiss a boy. ”

“I kiss you and dad. ”

“I’m talking about a real kiss.

Let me show you. ”

I felt her breath on my face just before I felt her lips touch
mine. I puckered my lips like I always do. Mom pulled away
telling me to relax and not pucker my lips. Mom put her lips
back on mine. With mine relaxed, I could feel the softness of
her lips. I realized that I liked kissing. My eyes flew open
when I felt her tongue touch my lips.

She pushed gently,
slipping it between my lips and into my mouth. I didn’t know
what to do. Her tongue moved all around my mouth. Her tongue
explored my entire mouth before she pulled it out. She left her
mouth open so I guessed that she wanted me to push my tongue
into her mouth. I slowly stuck my tongue out and she quickly
sucked it into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how good that felt
to have her suck my tongue.

She pulled her lips from mine and
looked at me with a smile.

“Did you like that Ella?”

“I didn’t know kissing would feel like that. ”

“It can be very romantic when two people love each other. ” Mom
told me.

She bent down putting her lips back on mine. I didn’t wait, I
pushed my tongue back into her mouth. She let me explore for a
while before she started to suck on it.

We kissed for several
minutes. She pulled away telling me to close my get ready to
feel something really good.
Mom kissed my lips one last time then moved her lips down my neck
to my small chest. I held my breath wondering if she was going
to kiss my tiny boobs. It didn’t take long to find out. She
licked my nipple then swirled her tongue around it. She moved
from one nipple to the other.

It made me tingle all over when
she did that.

“Holy Cow mom, that really makes me tingle all over. ”

She didn’t say anything but she did take one of my nipples into
her mouth sucking it gently and flicking her tongue across it. I
held her head in my hands to make sure she didn’t stop sucking my
tiny tits. I guided her head to the other nipple so she could
suck that one too.

Mom moved a hand down to my pussy and began
to slowly rub my clit. I shuddered as I had another great cum.
My heart was racing as I rode the waves of pleasure. Mom was
nibbling on my nipples, biting them very gently but making my cum
even better.

“Oh mom, Oh mom, I don’t know if I can stand another one. ” I
panted as I struggled to catch my breath.

She didn’t answer, she just pulled her lips off of my nipple and
began to kiss down my belly. I wondered if she was going to kiss
my pussy.

She moved between my legs. I could feel her warm breath on my
pussy. I trembled in excitement as she fingered my p*****n cunt.

“Ella, I want to lick you. Is it okay if mom licks your pretty
pussy for you.

“Yes mom, please lick me, lick my pussy and make me cum again. ” I
pleaded with her.

“I haven’t done this since I was a young girl. Tell me if it
doesn’t feel good. ” She said.

I nodded my head as she looked up at me. She gave me a big smile
then lowered her head to look right at my hairless p*****n pussy.
I felt her fingers spreading my pussy open.

“OOOOHHHHH my God. ” I cried out as her tongue ran along my slit
from the bottom all the way up to my clit for the very first

She licked my slit a few times then sucked my clit. Her tongue
worked all around it as she nibbled on it. My body was jerking
like crazy and my pussy was leaking out its juices. When she
moved her mouth down to my hole and pushed her tongue inside, I
had another big cum.

I kept cumming as she sucked and licked my
11 year old pussy non stop. My body went wild.

“AAAHHHH, OOOHHHH God, AAAAWWW, Oh mom, Oh mom I. . I can’t.
. can’t stand. . it. ” I groaned as I bucked my hips up to her

Mom moved her lips to my clit again. As she sucked my clit, she
moved a finger to my tight pussy hole and slowly pushed.

grunted a few times but then I let out a long loud sigh as her
finger slowly sunk into me. Her finger felt huge in me but it
made me feel so good. I was cumming one after the other as she
slowly began to move her finger in and out.

“AAAAAAWWWWW, I can’t stand it mom, I can’t stand it. It’s too
much. ” I cried out.

I pushed her head away from me telling her that it was getting so

Mom gave my clit one last kiss then slowly pulled her
finger out of my pussy. She moved back up and put her wet sticky
lips on mine. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and I tasted a
slightly salty flavor on her tongue.

“Is that what my pussy tastes like?” I wanted to know.

“Yes it is sweetie, I loved the taste of you young pussy. ” Mom
said as she kissed me again letting me taste it again.

“I like it too. ” I told her.

Mom rolled onto her side facing me. I hugged her tightly
telling her how much I loved her for showing me all that stuff.
She wanted to know if I enjoyed it. I told her that I loved
doing it and wanted to do it again.

“It’s been so long since I’ve done it with another girl.

almost forgot how nice it was. ” Mom said softly.

“How come you still have your towel on. I’m all naked and you
aren’t. ” I complained.

“Oh you don’t want to see your old mother. ” She giggled.

“Yes I do. Come on mom. That’s not fair. ”

“Okay, you asked for it. ” She laughed as she pulled the towel off
her body.

I sat up on the bed to look at my mom with no clothes on.

don’t ever remember seeing her naked before. Her hair was short
but still dark like mine. I looked at her chest and saw two
perfect sized tits. Her nipples were the size of a pencil
eraser. They sat on top of rose colored areolas. Then I saw her

“MOM, you don’t have any hair down there. ” I shrieked in

“Nope, your father likes it this way.

” She laughed.

“It looks like mine. If your boobs were smaller, we would look
like sisters. ” I laughed loudly.

Mom laughed with me. I wanted to touch her boobs but didn’t know
if I should or not.

“Mom, can I touch them. ” I asked. “Can I make you cum like you
made me. ”

“You don’t have to do that Ella. I’m happy just making you cum.

“But I want to mom. I want to make you feel good. At least I
want to try it once. If I don’t like it I won’t do it again. ” I

“Okay, if you’re sure you want to try. ” Mom said shrugging her

I moved out of the way so mom could lay down on the pillows. I
sat next to her looking down at her naked body.

I could only
hope I would grow up looking as good as my mom does.

“You’re so pretty. ” I told her just before I put my lips on hers.
I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it eagerly. I
moaned softly into her mouth as she pushed her tongue into my
mouth. I sucked hers just as hungrily.

I moved my lips down her neck until they were on her nipple.

kissed it making it pucker up with excitement. I moved to the
other one and watched it pucker up also. I sucked on of her
nipples into my mouth working it over with my tongue.

“Oh Ella, suck my tit. Suck it like you did as a baby.
AAAAWWWWW yeah suck my tits. ”

I sucked on tit while using my hand on the other one. I pulled
and tugged at her nipple.

She let out a low moan begging me to
pull harder. I pulled harder and pinched it hard between my

“Oh God Ella, lick me, lick my pussy now. I’m so hot. I need to
cum Ella, suck momma, suck my cunt for me. ”

I moved between her legs. I was so nervous, I was trembling. I
laid down on my stomach looking right at her clean shaven pussy.

I could see her clit sticking out and I could smell something
like I never smelled before. I could see some wetness in her
slit. I wanted to lick her so bad but just couldn’t seem to make
myself move.

“Honey, if you don’t want to do this its okay. ”

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and stuck out my tongue
touching it to her pussy.

The first thing I noticed was the
softness of her skin down there. I ran my tongue up her wet slit
to her clit. I felt a spurt of her juice hit my chin when I
touched her clit. I sucked her clit into my mouth using my
tongue to rub all around it.

“OOHHHHH, OOOHHHH God Ella, I’m cumming already. I’m cumming
baby. ”

Her pussy juice was running down my chin as she bucked her hips
up at my face.

She told me to lick her pussy hole too. I
quickly moved my tongue down her soaking wet slit until I found
her opening. I pushed my tongue against it just a little and
her pussy sucked it right in. I loved the feeling of her pussy.
It was so hot and wet and so very soft inside. I was so worried
about what mom’s pussy would taste like but now I realize that I
worried for nothing, I love the taste of mom’s pussy juice.

stabbed my tongue in and out of her pussy hole making mom moan
loudly. She told me to play with her nipples. I reached both of
my hands up to her chest and tugged at her nipples. Her hips
bucked up at my face making my tongue slip deeper into her pussy.

“Suck my clit Ella, suck my clit. ”

I pulled my tongue out of her pussy moving it up to her clit.

seemed like it was sticking out even farther now. I sucked it
like I do with mom’s tongue. Mom growled out how good it felt.
She told me to take one hand and push a finger into her pussy.

I did as she wanted. I moved one hand down, pushing a finger all
the way into her pussy. I felt her pussy grip my finger as she
squirted some more juice out as she had another cum.

She pleaded
with me not to stop.

“Oh Ella, don’t stop honey, I want to cum one more time. Make me
cum one last time. ”

I pumped my finger in and out of her as I pinched and pulled her
nipple. Her pussy was oozing pussy juice non stop as my finger
plunged in and out of her.

“Oh God Ella, put another finger in, put two fingers in me.

I added a second finger to her pussy. Her legs opened even
further. She was so wet that both fingers slid all the way in
with ease. As I pumped them in and out her pussy made a
squishing noise that filled the room.

“AAAWWWWW, don’t stop. OOOHHHH God don’t stop. I’m cumming Ella,
Christ I’m cumming. ” Mom screeched out loudly.

Her back arched off the bed and her legs squeezed my head almost

Her pussy held my fingers tightly. I could feel her
pussy squeezing, releasing and squeezing, over and over again.
The bed became wet with her juices as it flowed out around my

“Oh, Oh, Oh, AAAAHHHHH, Oh my God I keep cumming, OOOHHHHH Ella. ”
She cried out as she continued to shake.

I kept sucking her clit and pulling her nipple. My tongue was
getting really tired but I kept going.

She finally shoved my
head away from her clit telling me to stop. I sat up licking her
juices off my face. I slowly pulled both fingers out of her
pussy and licked them clean. I really liked the taste of her
pussy juice. Mom was breathing hard and still shuddering every
once in awhile.

“Sweetheart, that was fabulous. You did such a great job. I
can’t remember when I felt that good.

” She praised me.

“Really, I did a good job? Did you really feel good mom?”

She answered me by pulling me up to her and kissing my wet sticky
lips. Her tongue snaked into my mouth gathering up all her pussy
juice. I let her suck my tongue clean too.

“Oh my, look at the time. We’ve been at it almost 2 hours
already. ” Mom said looking at the clock.

“What time will dad be home? Do we have time to do it some
more?” I asked smiling.

“I guess in about 3 hours or so. ” Mom answered.

“Can we do that again. ”

“I guess its safe to say that you liked what we did. ” She said

“I sure did. I never knew it would be like that. ”

“Sure honey, if you want to do it some more, I would like that

I kissed her again. We kissed for several minutes. We played
with each other’s tits as we kissed. She asked me if I was ready
for a new experience. I quickly answered “yes. ”

“I want you to get on your hands and knees with your head on the
pillow. ” She told me as she moved out of the way.

I moved into the position mom wanted me in.

I looked back at her
just before I lowered my head to the pillow. She used her hands
to spread my legs a little more. I felt really exposed as I felt
the cool air hitting my hairless pussy and even my butt hole. I
let out a soft grunt when mom’s tongue ran up the length of my
slit to my little clit. I pushed my butt back at her hoping she
would keep going.

“Remember what I said about your Perineum, the little space
between your pussy hole and butt hole, and how it can feel good
when it gets rubbed. ”

“Yeah, I remember. ” I muttered, disappointed that she stopped
licking me to talk to me.

“Tell me how it feels. ” She said as she ran her tongue down my
slit to that spot she just mentioned. I had to admit that it
felt kind of nice.

She licked from my clit to there over and
over. I noticed that each time she did, she moved farther up my
butt crack. I knew that she would stop before she reached my
butt hole. Imagine my shock when I felt her tongue actually
touch my butt hole. I jerked a little in surprise but mom held
my hips and circled my wrinkled hole with her tongue.

“Ewww, isn’t that nasty mom?” I asked as I looked back at her.

“Not at all Ella, I haven’t done this in a long time but it’s not
nasty at all. How does it feel for you?”

“It feels strange. ”

“Just let me know if you want me to stop. I don’t want to do
anything that you feel uncomfortable with. ”

“I will mom. It kind of feels nice. ” I admitted.

She ran her tongue through my pussy again then back to my butt

She spread my cheeks apart and stabbed her tongue at my
tight hole. I grunted a few times as she began to push hard
against it. I was just about to tell her to stop when I felt her
tongue begin to slip into my butt.

“AAAAAAWWWWW, it’s going in mom, your tongue is going in my
butt. ” I cried out in surprise.

She moved her finger up to my clit and began to rub it fast and

Her tongue slid in my butt as far as it would go. She
wiggled it around the best she could. My pussy was leaking out
its juices as I got closer to my orgasm. Mom moved her finger
down to my pussy and slowly pushed it into me. My hips jerked
back to her face.

“OOOHHHHH mom, OOHHHH, I never felt like this before. ” I groaned
out loudly.

She started to move her tongue in and out of my butt.

My body
began to tremble as I begged her to keep doing what she was.

With her tongue sliding in and out of my butt and her finger
going in and out of my pussy, it was too much for me. I let out
a shriek that would have woke up the dead as I went over the
edge. I shoved my butt back at her face and kind of ground it on

I could feel my pussy juice run down my leg as I had a
giant cum.

“So, how did you like me eating your pretty little ass for you. ”
Mom said as she sat up.

“Mom, language. ” I scolded her.

“Ella, we’ve sucked and licked each other’s pussy’s. I think we
don’t have to worry about using the word ass. ” She laughed. “In
fact you can use dirty words when we are in the bedroom but no
place else.

Okay. ”

“Cool, so I can tell you that I liked you licking my ass hole and
you won’t get mad. ” I laughed.

“Not at all. You can even say you liked me finger fucking you. ”
Mom roared with laughter.

“Okay, I loved you eating my ass hole and pussy. ” I was crying
with laughter.

“I’ll be right back. ” Mom said as she got off the bed.

I watched as she walked naked to the bathroom. I heard her
brushing her teeth and rinsing her mouth out. She came back and
joined me on the bed again.

“Mom, didn’t that tasty yucky. ” I asked honestly.

“If the person washes themselves good back there, no it don’t
taste bad at all. It’s dry so you have to use a lot of spit.
There is a different taste but not bad like you would think.

“I don’t know if I could ever do that. ” I admitted.

“Well, don’t you worry about that. You never should do anything
you don’t want to do. ”

We talked for about an hour before mom suggested that we clean
up before dad comes home. Mom said we could shower together if I
wanted. I quickly agreed to that. We had fun making each other
cum in the shower.

I can’t remember when I had this much fun in
one day.

“Mom, what’s it like to have daddy’s penis inside of you?” I
asked once we were laying back on the bed again.

“Well, for one thing its call a cock or dick. And it feels
fantastic. It feels big and hard. There is nothing like it in
the whole world. ”

“Wow, I can’t wait till I’m grown up.

” I said wishing I was older
right now.

“Ella, would you like daddy to put his cock in your pussy. I bet
he would like that. ” Mom

“Really, do you think he’d do that? When? Tonight?”

“Slow down sweetheart. ” Mom laughed.

Mom said that she thinks she can talk to dad and arrange for him
to do it. My pussy became wet thinking of daddy doing it to me.

I asked mom how to do it. She said that she would show me. I
looked at her wondering how she was going to do that. She rolled
onto her side facing the nightstand and opened the bottom drawer.
When she rolled back over, she had something that looked like a
boy’s cock in her hand.

“This is called a dildo or vibrator. It’s shaped like a cock so
it can give a girl a good cum when there is no man around.

“Can I try it mom?”

“Not right now. I want to show you a few things. ”

I nodded my head and waited for mom to continue. She asked me
how much I knew about cocks. I told her that I didn’t know much
of anything except what its called. She then explained that when
a man cums, he shoots a thick creamy juice that makes babies.

“Will I have a baby if he does it to me.

“No sweetie, you’re too young yet. You haven’t had a period
yet. ”

“I think before you have daddy put his cock in you, you need to
suck his cock and taste his cream. ”

“How do I do that mom?”

“Like this. ” She said as she put the fake cock against her lips
and pushed it into her mouth.

I watched as mom moved the dildo in and out of her mouth.

so often she would pull it out and explain a certain move like
licking around the head and flicking the tip of my tongue over
the little hole on top. She said to be sure to lick his balls
too. The dildo had what looked like a little sack at the bottom
of it. Mom would lick it and even suck on it. She told me that
when I sucked daddy’s balls I had to be very gentle so I didn’t
hurt him.

“Okay, you try it. ” Mom said as she pulled the phony cock out of
her mouth and handed it to me.

I took it from her and shoved it in my mouth. I gagged
immediately. Mom laughed telling me to go slower and not to put
so much of it inside. I tried again, this time going slower and
only putting the tip of it in. I licked around it doing what mom
told me to do.

She told me to put some more in now. I let some
more slide into my mouth pretending that I was actually sucking
daddy’s cock. She told me that when he shoots his cream, I
needed to swallow it all down my throat. She said it would be
kind of thick and sticky but it was good for me.

I was getting into sucking it when we were interrupted by the
phone ringing.

Mom reached over and answered it.

“Hi honey, did you win. ” Mom spoke into the phone.

“Uh-uh, uh-uh, okay, oh I’ll be ready, in fact I have a huge
surprise for your celebration. Yep, I know you’ll love it.
Okay, I’ll see you in about an hour. I love you too. Bye. ”

Mom hung up the phone saying that we had about an hour before dad
gets home.

“Let me show you how daddy will put it in you. ” Mom said smiling
at me.

She rolled over onto her back. She bent her legs up a little
letting them fall open. She put the fake cock against her pussy
and slowly pushed it all the way inside of her. She let out a
low moan when it was all the way in. I asked if it hurt at all.

She assured me that it felt real good. She started to move it in
and out slowly at first but soon was going pretty fast. I could
see mom was enjoying it by the look on her face. She pushed it
fast and hard all the way in then let out a high pitched wail as
she body shook like crazy.

“OOHH, OOHHHH , OOOHHHHHHHHH. ” She groaned as her pussy leaked
out its juice around the dildo.

“God that felt so good. It’s been a while since I’ve used
this. ” She said just before she slid it into her mouth to clean

“Can I try it mom?”

“Not now sweetie, if you want daddy to put his in you then you
should wait. It will be better than using a toy. ” she explained.
“But I can show you something using this.

She pushed me back down on the bed placing the toy against my
p*****n pussy. She flipped the switch on it and it hummed to
life. I had a huge cum within a minute of it touching my clit.
Mom made me cum three times before she turned the vibrator off.
I was covered in a sheen of sweat.

“You better hurry and take another shower. ” She told me as she
returned the toy to the drawer.

“Will you take one with me again. ” I asked.

“Sure honey. But no funny business, we need to save something
for your father. ” She giggled.

Mom and I washed each other thoroughly but without making each
other cum. We dried off then went back to the bed. Mom and I
straightened the sheets before we crawled in. Mom looked at the
clock saying that dad should be home anytime now.

I asked mom
how she was going to get dad to do it with me. She told me that
once he sees me naked, it won’t take much to convince him. We
talked about what we had done so far and what we were going to do
tonight with dad. We heard the front door open then close again.

“Where is everyone?” Dad yelled from the foyer.

“Up here Tom.

” Mom yelled back.

“I’m a little scared mom. ” I whispered as we heard dad walking
towards the bedroom.

“Don’t be sweetie, I’ll be here the whole time. Just relax and
enjoy it. ” She whispered back.

Dad appeared in the doorway. He stopped dead in his tracks when
he saw mom and me laying naked on the bed. His eyes moved from
mom to me then back again.

“Wha. . Wha. . what the hell. ” He muttered in shock.

“Come on in Tom. Ella and I are ready to celebrate your
victory. ” Mom told him.

It was like dad was frozen in that spot. He didn’t move. His
eyes darted from mom to me, back and forth trying to figure out
what was going on.

“Come on Tom, Ella wants you to do something for her.

” Mom told
him as she pinched my tiny nipples.

“OOHHH shit. ” Dad swore when he saw mom play with my tiny tits.

“Ella, tell your daddy what you want to do. ” Mom urged me.

“Daddy, I want to suck your cock and taste your cream. Then I
want you to put it in my pussy. ” I told him as I blushed

Mom and I both heard the moan escape from dad’s lips.

pointed at dad telling me to look at the lump in his pants. She
told me that he was hard and ready to do it. Dad slowly walked
toward the bed. His mouth was open and his eyes wide.

“I. . I don’t understand. What. . how. . I mean how did this
all happen. ” He stuttered.

“Sit down here honey and let me explain.

” Mom said patting a spot
on the edge of the bed.

Daddy plopped down but kept his eyes on me. He was looking at
every inch of my naked p*****n body. Mom told him that I had
wanted to learn about sex so she taught me. When he asked what
we did, mom told him how she sucked my pussy and ate my ass and I
sucked her pussy for her too.

“Oh my God. I don’t believe it. You do know that we could go to
jail. ”

“Daddy, who is going to know. I’m sure not going to say
anything. ” I told him.

“Tom, take off your clothes and lets celebrate your winning the
championship. ”

“Ella, is this what you really want. ” He asked.

“Oh more than anything dad, I want to feel what its like to have
you inside of me.

He smiled down at me then began to undress. He pulled his
bowling shirt over his head. I saw his hairy chest. His belly
had just a little hint of a bulge to it but he isn’t fat. He
kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks. He stood up
unbuckling his belt. He undid the snap, pulled the zipper down.
He looked nervously at me as he pulled his pants slowly down his

He stepped out of his jeans standing before mom and me
wearing just his boxers. I could see the bulge in front and I
knew that was his hard cock.

“Come on Tom show us that hard cock. ” Mom laughed urging him to

I stared at the front of his boxers as he hooked his fingers in
the waistband of them. He looked at me as he slowly pulled them
down his legs.

His hard cock sprung free bouncing up and down.
He stepped out of his boxers kicking them off to the side.

“Come on over here so you can see better. ” Mom told me as she
moved out of the way.

I scooted over near the edge of the bed. I was laying on my
stomach within inches of his stiff dick. I couldn’t take my eyes
off of it.

I studied the head of it with its little pee hole in
the middle. It was so long and big around. I wondered how in
the world that would fit inside of me. His hairy sack hung low
and I could the outline of two balls inside.

“Go ahead Ella, feel it and get to know it. ” Mom urged me.

I looked up nervously at daddy. He looked down telling me to go

I reached out and poked it with my finger. It bounced up
and down from my touch. Mom told me to wrap my fingers around it
and feel how hard and hot it was. I did what she told to. My
small fingers barely went around his hard cock. It was so warm
in my hands and if felt real hard but the skin was soft. Dad
moaned softly as I squeezed it a couple of times.

“Remember what I showed you with the dildo. ” Mom told me.

I nodded my head then began to move my hand along his shaft. I
saw some clear stuff come out of daddy’s hole and mom quickly
told me that it was his precum. She picked up the drop of liquid
with her finger and stuck it into her mouth. She smacked her
lips telling me how good it was.

“Ella, that feels real good but I think I would like to lay down
while you do it. Okay. ” Dad told me.

I moved out of the way so daddy could climb on the bed. He moved
up so his head was on the pillows. He opened his legs wide for
me. I moved between his legs looking at his stiff pole standing
straight up. I wrapped my hand around it again and began to move
it up and down.

I moved the other hand down to his hairy sack
and felt the weight of his balls.

“Oh Ella, can you suck it for me. Can you suck daddy’s cock. ”
Dad murmured.

I looked over at mom who just nodded her head. I took a deep
breath and lowered my mouth to his rock hard cock. When his dick
touched my lips, I opened my mouth letting the head of his cock
slip inside.

The first thing I noticed was just how warm his
cock was. I closed my lips around it using my tongue to lick all
around it.

“AAAHHHH, Oh Ella, honey that feels so good. ” Dad groaned out to

My mouth was stretched so wide open it was almost uncomfortable.
I tried not to think about the discomfort because I wanted to
make dad feel good. I pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could
lick down the length of it.

I licked his nut sack too. I sucked
each of his balls in my mouth tracing the shape with my tongue.
I moved my lips back up his cock shaft until I was kissing the
very tip. I saw some of that precum stuff ooze out so I licked
it up to see what it tasted like. I couldn’t taste anything. I
thought if his cream tasted like that then it shouldn’t be a
problem swallowing it all down.

I pushed his cock back into my
mouth and started bobbing my head on his stiffness. His hands
held my head and he used them to guide me in sucking his big fat

“Jesus Ella, I don’t think I can hold back much longer. ” Daddy
moaned out as I kept sucking him.

“Go ahead Tom, fill our daughter’s mouth with your hot sticky
cum. She wants to taste the seed that made her.

Give her a
good taste of your cum. ” Mom urged him.

“AAAWWWWW, OOOOHHH God, here it comes. Get ready Ella,
AAAAAHHHHHHH. ” He cried out.

I felt his cock swell a little then I felt the first blast of his
hot sticky cum. I clamped my lips around his dick as he shot his
cum into my mouth. I swallowed repeatedly so I wouldn’t waste
any of his cum.

After the shock of the first taste of his cum, I
discovered that I liked the taste of it. He shot 6 strong shots
of his cum before it just kind of oozed out of his hole. I used
my tongue to get every drop and then cleaned his cock for him.

Dad pulled me up over him so I was lying on him. He pulled my
face to his, putting his lips on my cum coated ones.

His tongue
slid into my mouth tasting himself on my tongue.

“That was so good Ella, thank you so much. ” he told me as he
broke the kiss.

“It was fun daddy. I like the taste of your cum too. Kind of
salty and thick but it tastes good. ”

“Are you ready for dad to put it in now Ella?” mom asked.

“Excuse me, but I think I need a little time here.

” Dad laughed
as he shook his limp cock.

“Sorry, I forgot you’re not as young as you use to be. ” Mom
laughed with him.

I looked at both of them wondering what they were talking about.
Mom told me that men aren’t like women, they need to rest a
little before they can do it again. I’m glad I’m a girl. I can
cum and cum and cum without a rest.

“Will it get hard again if I suck it for you?” I asked.

“It might honey but you know what I would like? I would like to
see you and mom lick each other. ”

“Oh you would, would you?” Mom chuckled. “You want to see your
daughter and me each other out?”

“You bet I do. I want to see you stick your tongue in Ella and
her do the same thing to you.

I bet that will get me hard
again. ”

“Come on mom, lets do it if it gets him hard again. ”

“Ella, why don’t you sit on your mom ‘s face then you can bend
forward and lick her. ” Dad suggested.

“Okay daddy. ”

Mom laid down next to dad. I climbed over her and straddled her
face. I quickly lowered my pussy to her lips. Dad moved so he
could see better.

I felt mom’s tongue run along my slit flicking
over my clit. Dad was looking at her as she sucked my p*****n
pussy. I lowered my face to mom’s pussy and began to lick it.
Dad moved so he could watch me licking mom. He moved back and
forth watching each of us.

“So what else did you two do today?” Dad asked mom when he moved
back up by her.

“Watch. ” Mom answered.

I felt her tongue leave my pussy. She pulled on my hips and
moved a little, then I felt her tongue move along my butt crack.
I knew what she was going to do next. I felt the tip of her
tongue on my tight rosebud as she licked around the tight hole.
Mom started to stab her tongue at my hole.

“Holy shit, are you pushing it in her ass?” Dad muttered softly.

“Jesus, you’ve never done that to me. ”

“OOOHHHH mom, OOHHHH it’s going in my butt. ” I cried out as I
lifted my face from her pussy.

“Does it feel good Ella?” Dad wanted to know.

“Oh yes daddy, I love it when she does that to me. ”

“Did you do it to mom too?”

“No, I didn’t want to do that. ” I confessed.

“How far can you push it in her ass hole?” Dad asked mom.

She spread my butt cheeks farther apart and pushed harder with
her tongue. It went in deeper than it ever went before.

“Shit, that’s so hot. I’m as hard as a rock just from watching
you eat her ass hole out. ”

“Oh mom, Oh you’re making me so wet. ” I moaned as her tongue
wiggled deep inside of my butt.

“Damn, I need to put my cock in somebody’s pussy before I blow a
gasket. ” Dad complained.

Mom pulled her tongue out of my butt hole telling dad he had
better put it in my pussy. He asked me again if I was sure I
wanted him to do that. I flopped over onto my back with my legs
spread wide apart.

“I’m sure daddy, stick it in my little pussy and let me feel what
its like.

” I told him with a smile on my face.

Dad moved over to me with his stiff cock ready for action. He
moved over me putting his hungry lips on mine. I shoved my
tongue into his mouth seeking his tongue. Daddy sucked my tongue
like I sucked his dick. His hands were all over my little tits,
pulling and pinching my nipples. I begged him to put his cock

“For heavens sake Tom, give it to her. ” Mom laughed as she
watched him tease me.

I felt daddy’s cock moving around my pussy as it tried to find my
little hole. I gasped loudly when the head of his dick rested
right on it. I heard mom tell him to slowly shove it in. I felt
a lot of pressure and then a fullness that I’ve never felt

He only had head of his cock in me and it felt so huge.
He didn’t put any more in but held himself still so I could get
use to him.

“How does it feel Ella. ” Mom asked.

“Different. I feel so full and I guess it feels good, at least
it don’t hurt. ” I said with a nervous giggle.

“Can I put more in now Ella.

” Dad wanted to know.

“Okay I guess. ”

Dad pushed and I felt more of his hot pole slide into my p*****n
pussy. I couldn’t help it when a low moan escaped my lips. Dad
whispered that he was almost all the way in. He pushed a little
more and I felt his course hair hitting my pussy.

“That’s it Ella, I’m all the way in that sweet pussy of yours.

“It feels nice daddy. Its so big and so hot. ”

“Now make your daughters first time a memorable one Tom. Fuck
her nice and slow. Make her cum so hard she sees stars. ” Mom
encouraged him.

“Good thing she sucked me off first, she’s so tight and hot. ”
Daddy told mom.

Dad pulled his cock out just a little bit then pushed it back in.

I can’t describe how good that felt. Words can’t come close to
saying how good it felt. He did it a few more times, pulling out
a little farther each time before pushing it all the way back
into me.

“Well Ella, your dad is fucking you now, do you like it? Is it
everything you thought it would be?” Mom asked as she moved
closer to me.

“Oh mom, it’s everything I thought it would be. Daddy is so big
and he fills me up so much. It feels like he is all the way up
in my belly. I feel so good. ”

Dad kept sliding his cock slowly in and out of me. I could
hardly breathe from the intense pleasure that he was giving me.

“OOOHHHHH mom. ” I groaned out loudly as she pulled and twisted my
tiny nipples.

My body went rigid as my pussy gripped daddy’s cock tightly. I
let out a scream that echoed through the house. My body was on
fire as he kept fucking me. My pussy was pouring out its juices
as I had one cum after the other. Dad was plunging in and out of
my p*****n pussy rapidly. His hips slapping against mine. Mom
kept playing with my small tits. She bent down taking my nipple
between her lips.

That sent me over the edge again. I lost
track on how many times I screamed out my orgasm.

“Oh my God Ella, your pussy is so fucking good. I love fucking
you honey. I love you tight cunt. ” Dad grunted as he pounded his
cock into me.

“Fill her with your hot cum Tom. Fill you baby girl with your
sticky seed. ” Mom urged him.

Dad had my legs bent back as he slammed his dick in me.

I could
feel the droplets of sweat that dripped off his forehead onto my
belly. I could feel another huge cum building in my small body.

“AAAWWWW Daddy, OOHHH God, don’t stop Daddy don’t stop.
AAAAAHHHH, AAAHHHH, OOHHHH I’m cumming again daddy, I’m cumming
again. ” I shrieked loudly.

“AAAAHHHHHH Fuck, I’m cumming too baby, I’m cumming too.
OOOOHHHHH yeah, take my load Ella, AAWWWWW I’m filling your
little pussy with my cum.

” He groaned as he began to squirt his
cum in my p*****n pussy.

I felt each spurt of his hot cum. I felt his cock twitch just
before he shot a squirt in me. He was grunting loudly each time
he shot a string of his sticky cum.

Mom sat up watching the two of us cum. She had a huge smile on
her face. Her fingers were strumming her pussy as dad and I
slowly recovered from our cums.

“Oh daddy, I love you. That was so good. Thank you for doing
that with me. ”

“No Ella, its me who should be thanking you. I love you
sweetheart and I’m so glad you let me be your first. I hope I
made you feel good. ”

“You did daddy, you did. ”

“Tom, Ella should clean you up now that your done. ” Mom told him.

Dad moved up straddling my chest so his now soft cock was near my
lips. I opened my mouth letting him slip his cock into my mouth.
I tasted the combination of our juices. I felt the bed shift as
mom moved.

I moaned around daddy’s cock as I felt mom’s tongue sliding into
my sticky cunt hole. She began to lap up all of daddy’s slimy
cum from my pussy.

Mom’s tongue wiggled deep inside of me as she
searched for every drop of his cum. I could feel myself getting
ready to cum again. My legs stiffened and I groaned loudly
around daddy’s cock as my body flooder mom’s mouth with my
juices. She spent a few more minutes cleaning my pussy for me
before she pulled her tongue out. I went back to concentrating
on sucking daddy’s soft cock.

“Holy shit.

” I heard dad grunt loudly as his hips jerked making
me take all of his soft cock in my mouth. “Lick my ass hole. Oh
sweetie lick me hole. I never felt anything like this. ”

Daddy’s cock grew stiff in my mouth. I guess mom’s licking his
butt hole made him get that way. I sucked his hardness while mom
licked his butt hole.

“Oh Jesus, push your tongue inside.

Let me feel it going in. ”
Daddy moaned to mom.

“AAWWW, Jesus. Oh yeah, wiggle it honey, wiggle your tongue in
my ass. ”

I rubbed his balls as I sucked his cock. His cock twitched
inside my mouth each time mom pushed her tongue into his butt.

“AAAAAAWWWWW, I’m cumming Ella, eat my cum. OOOHHHH God swallow
baby swallow my cum. ”

His cum flowed into my mouth.

It didn’t spurt like the first
time. There wasn’t a lot of it either. It wasn’t as thick
either. I sucked it until it was completely soft again. Daddy
pulled it from my mouth then bent down and kissed me long and
hard. Mom excused herself saying she needed to brush her teeth.

“Daddy, can we do this again tomorrow?” I asked him as we hugged
each other.

“Ella, anytime you want to do this all you have to do is ask.

Your mother and I would love to do this again. ”

“Thank you daddy, I love you so much. ”

“Remember Ella, this is our secret. Nobody can ever know. Your
mom and I could get sent to prison for doing this with you. ”

“I know that daddy, I’m not stupid. ” I scolded him. “I would
never tell about this. ”

He pulled me to him kissing me again.

He kissed me over and over
telling me how much he loved me and how much he loved fucking my
tight pussy. Mom came back in the bedroom joining us on the bed.
She asked if she could have a turn at cumming.

“You bet mom. Dad and I will make you cum so hard you’ll see
stars. ” I laughed.

Dad laughed with me saying that he would do anything but fuck

He said his dick was done for the night. He proved it by
shaking his limp cock at mom. We all roared with laughter at the
sight of it.

Mom suggested that dad lick her pussy while I ate her butt hole.
Dad told her to sit on his face so I could reach her rear hole.
Mom gladly climbed over dad and lowered her shaved pussy to his
waiting lips.

I moved behind her and ran my tongue along her
butt crack. I teased her tight brown hole with the tip of my
tongue. She grunted softly as I began to stab at her hole with
my tongue.

I heard daddy sucking her pussy/ Mom must have really been wet
already from the slurping noises I heard coming from him. It
only took a minute or so for mom to cry out her first cum.

didn’t even have my tongue in her ass yet. As she shook with
pleasure her butt hole relaxed and I was able to push my tongue
into the tight hole.

“AAAWWWWW yeah Ella, OOHHHH lick me, lick my ass hole. Eat my ass
baby. ” She moaned loudly as she continued to cum.

Daddy and I made mom cum at six times before she begged us to
stop. When she rolled off of daddy, I kissed his slimy lips
licking her pussy juice off of his face.

When mom recovered, she
asked me if I had enjoyed everything we did.

“This is the best night of my life. I want to do this every
night. ” I told both of them.

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