Monatsarchive: Settembre 2017

Escort Service Cologne – my experience!

I was on the way to business in Cologne. It was a hard day and I felt tired as my partners stopped the work for the day. I went to my Hotel and wanted to eat something because I was very hungry. As I sat there at the table in this nice Restaurant, I started to feel lonely. From a[...]


The Lovely Writer

Berlin. Capital of Culture. I visit the Spree every few month in order to care about my connections, to find out about new trends and to discuss with people of my kind. I'm an artist. A writer – to be exact. Some time ago I was able to establish my name in the press as a talented newcomer. Since then[...]


Escort Dusseldorf – a paradise for businessmen

At a Dusseldorf meeting, more than 100 businessmen from international IT companies met. Already four days of the meeting were over. Heads smoldered and budgets tightened. All businessmen had explicit guidelines from their CEO or CFO. Bordering on insanity, most of the men were longing for a delightful and appealing conversation with a lady. This time should ensure that the[...]


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